These links are websites and articles that may be of interest to RCRP members. RCRP is not responsible for the content of materials on other websites. Opinions and recommendations are those of the authors, not the RCRP.

The websites and articles below were chosen for general interest.

We list materials accessible to the general public, whether or not you are a member/customer of the sponsoring organization.

Where possible, we have listed multiple sources of information.

Several websites include calculators/tools where you can insert figures to estimate how much you might need to save, or the effects of annual withdrawals of different amounts when you retire, or calculate other financial questions.

Note that many of the websites include a "library" or similar designation, some with dozens of articles. We have included a few examples of articles, but these sites are worth exploring on your own.

Investors in large companies such as Fidelity may be eligible for additional personalized advice as a customer.

Consider seeking professional advice about investment and tax decisions.

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General Financial Planning

Consumer Reports – This non-profit publication has a general heading for multiple articles in each of several sections: "Saving and Investing," "Planning ," "Your Second Act," "Daily Money Management," "Protecting Yourself," and "Live Healthy, Live Happy, Live Long." Consumer Reports also has short articles on financial planning in your 40s, 50s, 60s.

The American Baptist Church pension board has a section of short articles on setting goals.

Not sure about how or when to begin receiving Social Security benefits in retirement?  View the "Social Security Claiming Guide" published by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

Investing Made Simple for Beginners and Everyone Else
Managing your money for the long run can be easier than you might imagine.
By Paul B. Brown, NYT April 8, 2021

Choosing a Financial Planner

Financial Planning for Retirement: It’s More Accessible, But Be Careful
Financial planning and advice is no longer just for the wealthy. It can be especially important when planning for your later years.
NYT Jan 6, 2023 By Mark Miller

How to Find a Good Financial Planner: Sound advice isn't hard to find
By Beth Braverman, Consumer Reports October 6, 2022
This article also appeared in the November 2022 print issue of Consumer Reports, available at many libraries.

Delaware Valley Consumer Checkbook is a non-profit group that publishes ratings and advice in print and online. They published an article on choosing a financial advisor.

Consumer Reports asks: "Is your financial planner getting rich at your expense?"

Library of Resources

Fidelity has a "Guidance and Retirement" section with a tab at the top of its website, and also offers telephone consultations. One section gives an investment guidance overview. Another section gives a retirement planning overview.

Vanguard – There is a general Vanguard section on retirement plans, as well as a section with retirement planning tools.

Other Resources

The Joint Retirement Board of Conservative Judaism website has a resource section called "Learning Center." It includes many articles. See this section on educational articles related to retirement and planning.

The Episcopal Church pension plan has a learning center. Many of its articles (though not calculators) are available to non-members.


Fidelity offers a number of calculators and tools.

Vanguard has a general section of its website with retirement tools. They also offer a retirement nest-egg calculator. What are the odds that your retirement funds will last for 30 years? Of course it depends on how much money you have, how funds are invested, how much you take out each year, and how the investments do. You can put in different figures here to get an idea. [Geeky note: the calculator uses the "Monte Carlo" method to calculate an average of 5,000 variables in a few seconds.] You don’t have to understand the previous sentence, but it is easy to change the figures to see alternative results.

TIAA offers a "retirement advisor" section that you can use as a guest.

The American Baptist Church pension fund web site has multiple free calculators, not only for savings, but for taxes, debt repayment, and housing expenses.

Articles on Specific Topics

"Calvert Funds and Socially Responsible Investing," by John Farley, Calvert VP, November 2020

Evaluating Mutual Funds from the Conservative pension board.

Why Target Date Funds

Managing Your Money in Retirement

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